Safeguarding Healthcare IT

As the healthcare industry evolves and the threats that come with it, all varieties of healthcare organizations face the need for an agile and secure IT infrastructure to ensure the best patient care possible. Stringent government regulations and the introduction of new technologies such as digital transformation and the cloud are driving healthcare organizations to move towards modernizing their IT infrastructures. Furthermore, high profile cyber attacks are placing greater demands on healthcare IT to tighten security measures that go beyond just prevention.

Total Protection maintains the integrity and safety of healthcare networks by ensuring endpoints, applications, data, storage, and more are performing seamlessly and securely without sacrificing productivity. With a strategic focus on Windows systems, Total Protection helps healthcare networks adapt and scale against rapidly changing business and government mandates and protects critical hospital and patient data against data breaches, ransomware, and other cybersecurity attacks as they happen.

Overcome the complexities of managing healthcare IT environments to drive efficiency, reliability and productivity. Automation, visibility and control helps you create operational efficiencies while minimizing risk and improving strategic business initiatives that keep patient care a priority.

Compliance and Security: Simplify managing intricate compliance rules and the actions that support them by automatically collecting information to determine which endpoints are out of liability scope or are in full compliance. Immediately remediate, ensuring regulatory requirements are always met. Detailed reporting captures an activity trail for current and future logging—reducing risk, enforcing security policies, and minimizing user impact.

Organization and Policy Enforcement: Create, distribute, enforce and track policies to streamline daily operations, improve compliance, protect against liabilities, and streamline workflows to run the organization safely and smoothly. Monitor user activity and generate real-time reports to analyze usage data to take action as needed to protect your organization across the network.

Network Speed and Reliability: Obtain full visibility and control with a click of a button to view and address endpoint activity such as reoccurrences, stopped services and system alerts. Roll back to normal state within minutes and schedule automated backups and updates for certain times and/or phased over different parts of the network ensuring a high-performing, stable infrastructure.

Standardize Inventory: Streamline inventory management processes by automatically tracking inventory across all connected endpoints to save time and obtain full visibility into network data such as hardware/software changes, expired licenses, and configuration changes. Built-in and customized reports provide quick insight to every detail, enhancing response time and productivity to maintain the security and performance of IT assets.

Full Insight and Control: Aggregate endpoint performance data into an easy-to-digest dashboard to analyze and identify trends, functionality issues, and potential threats that arm you to make better informed decisions.

Detection and Protection: Quickly detect ingress ransomware threats typically carried through by phishing emails and spam. Immediately shut down the endpoint and stop infection as it happens before critical data files and applications are compromised. Anti-virus and spyware detection and monitoring delivers trifecta protection against cyberthreats. Recover device back to normal state within 24 hours.

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