Protecting Manufacturing IT For Success

When your production line is dependent on your applications and network, downtime isn’t an option.

Manufacturing is an ever-changing industry where manufacturers face new challenges and concerns every year. Federal budget cuts and technology advancements such as robotics are playing an increasing role in driving these challenges, and how manufacturing IT organizations must operate.

Without a thriving network, applications and data business operations can grind to a halt.

Total Protection supports manufacturing IT by providing a systematic and predictive approach that automates endpoint management across dispersed departments and locations such as corporate and support offices, and remote factories. Network management tools are consolidated into a centralized framework for easy network access and full visibility into real-time activity helping enhance productivity, protect data, improve vulnerability assessments, and reduce overhead costs.

Total Protection’s comprehensive endpoint management suite helps manufacturing IT stay in control and protected with unmatched agility and superior performance that improves operational flexibility, increases real-time visibility and maximizes production uptime.
  • Manage connected in-network endpoints all at once.

  • Automate routine maintenance tasks to improve operations.

  • Track live applications across the entire organization to discover user operation, duration and most used.

  • Guarantee an always-available network.

  • Monitor, analyze, and optimize data intelligence to empower better decision-making and competitive position.

  • Automatically capture and manage inventory of all in-network connected devices, saving time and driving efficiency.

  • Identify potential issues that need immediate attention before they become real ones.

  • Proactively protect and remediate against ransomware and other ingress cyberthreats before they take control.

  • Ensure compliance best practices are consistent, secure and reliable.

  • Streamline help desk ticket requests, escalations and expedite resolution.