Phone Systems
Service and Implementation

Many IT firms shy away from phone systems but we embrace them. Whether traditional PBX, VoIP, or cloud-based systems, we have worked with a variety of technologies. We have worked with all the major telco’s as well as niche providers.

Some examples of our work include:

Asterisk and FreePBX for a Bakersfield-based manufacturing company.  We implemented the open source version of Asterisk and FreePBX with Polycom IP phones.  We integrated analog services for paging, alarm, and fax into the phone system.  This system is connected to the PSTN via SIP trunks from a major national telecommunications company.  It replaced a 30+ year old analog system that had become unreliable and unable to be upgraded.

NEC SL2100 for an Orange County-based specialty high-end retailer of automotive parts and equipment.  We converted their system from old analog trunks to SIP trunks from a major national telecommunications company, thereby saving them thousands of dollars per year.  We also made modifications to their phone system, such as call routing and ring groups, which they had been unable to do for years due to lack of support from their previous vendor.

Fuze: For a national manufacturing company, we assisted in the implementation of a cloud based phone system to replace the disparate systems that were in place at their various locations.  We designed the network to support the system and worked through the installation and testing process to ensure the phones operated as desired.

Cisco Call Manager: for a national manufacturing company, we migrated their primary system from Southern California to Tennessee and their backup system to Arlington, Texas, all with minimal downtime. Both the primary and backup systems are comprised of Cisco Call Manager, Unified Communications, Unity voicemail and CallRex recording servers. We provide maintenance and support services for primary and backup systems, call routing, and the hundreds of associated devices. We also developed and modified call handling scripts.

Asterisk: we have implemented and managed several Asterisk-based systems. These include free versions of Asterisk with FreePBX as well as commercial versions such as Digium Switchvox.

Asterisk and FreePBX: for a Los Angeles-based healthcare organization, we implemented the open source versions of Asterisk and FreePBX with Polycom IP phones and Yealink IP phones which are connected remotely via VPN. This included implementing call handling and developing call handling scripts. This system is connected to the PSTN via a PRI circuit provided by a national telco.

Asterisk and FreePBX: for a Los Angeles-based high-end residence, we implemented the open source versions of Asterisk and FreePBX with Polycom IP phones. We integrated security systems and intercoms into the phone system. This system is connected to the PSTN via multiple analog lines as that is the only service available in this area.

Asterisk (Digium Switchvox): for a national manufacturing company, we provide support and maintenance to a Digium Switchvox version of Asterisk. This system is physically housed in Tennessee but supports phones across the country. Typically, Digium phones are used but there are Polycom IP phones installed as well. We implemented links between this system and Cisco Call Manager to facilitate inter-organization calling without reliance upon the PSTN.

Avaya: for a Los Angeles academic institution, we provide maintenance and support for an Avaya traditional PBX. Prior to our introduction, the client had no way of accessing the PBX and it was not connected to the LAN. We configured the PBX to be accessible via the LAN and provided basic instruction on system operation.

Panasonic: for an Orange County based law firm, we worked with a CLEC to add new analog lines to an existing Panasonic PBX system.

RingCentral: we are an authorized reseller of RingCentral cloud-based phone systems and have implemented them for many clients. We have developed custom call handling and call routing scripts for RingCentral. Typically we will use RingCentral provided phones although we have used Polycom and Yealink third party phones.


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