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InclusiveTech delivers process-driven, cost-effective advanced systems integration and software solutions for enterprise organizations across industries, specializing in healthcare and medical, manufacturing and government. We bring both technology and business-savvy intelligence to serve your business needs, while implementing critical network management solutions that help foster a solid IT foundation designed to adapt and grow as your business does.

InclusiveTech offers managed services, can augment your existing IT staff, or function as in-house IT support.


The enterprise infrastructure is a primary means of allowing IT staff to protect, optimize and grow the organization. InclusiveTech offers IT architecture design, implementation and support from concept through execution—whether in the cloud or on-premise—to help you transform your IT infrastructure into a modern powerhouse to achieve your business goals.

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  • Software Design, Implementation & Support
  • Infrastructure Design, Implementation & Support
  • Assessments: Strategic/Tactical Planning, Technology, Vulnerability
  • Application Migration, Implementation & Support
  • Cloud Services & Solutions
  • Server Management
  • Security Management
  • Database Management
  • Network & Systems Management
  • Virtualization
  • Collaboration
  • Telephony


Increase Operational Efficiency

Reduce Operating Costs

Minimize Downtime

Access To Enterprise-Level Support

Focus On Core Strategies

Have Peace of Mind

Maintaining and running a large, complex IT environment can be a daunting task requiring constant attention and a highly-skilled IT staff. InclusiveTech’s managed services help free you from time-consuming IT support tasks so you can focus on your core business initiatives. We use Total Protection for all of our managed services.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security & Compliance
  • Storage
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